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Unique Italian Jewellery-Handcrafted-Antique Jewellery Riproductions- Florence- Italy.Touch in history

           About Even Bijoux bh

Since childhood designer, Berta Helena felt the call of the colors and vibration of natural stones. On her teens she started playing with gems and learning how to combine them with different metals, later on, she enjoyed creating unique necklaces for friends as a way to explore her creativity and to have an escape from her busy schedule as a TV executive.

16 years ago she followed her passion and decided to become a jewellery-maker and designer; she started by learning new techniques from different masters in Europe and perfecting her designs to achieve the unique combination of antique jewels with modern influences.

On 1996 Berta Helena opened her own workshop located on Via Dante Alighieri in the heart of the historical downtown Florence. Even Bijoux offers an unique shopping experience either at the shop or online.


EVEN BIJOUX                           
Via dei Lorenzetti 3

Firenze, Italia

Tel: (39) 3483902076

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