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Unique Italian Jewellery-Handcrafted-Antique Jewellery Riproductions- Florence- Italy.Touch in history

Brooches-Spille 2015

Collection of brooches from antique styles :Egyptian ,Greek, Phenician, Precolombian,Bizantine, Medieval, Renaissance, Victorian, Romantic, up to modern ones Made of silver, silver plated, alloy (silver with copper) silver or gold plated. Set with precious and semiprecious stones. At request, can be also made of gold..................... Spille ispirate agli stili antichi: Egiziano, Greco, Fenicio, Bizantino, Medievale, Rinascimentale, Romantico,Vittoriano fino allo stile moderno. In argento, argento dorato, o lega (argento e rame) dorato con pietre preziose o semipreziose. In oro su richiesta.
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